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The following are some typical cases that show the usefulness of the SFAM Qigong. They are selected from the famous book -- On Dynamic Qigong with Spontaneous Five Animals Movement -- written by Dr. Steven Liang's brother.

1: Asthma and Hay Fever
Ms. Ke, 39, a member of a chorus in Guangdong Province. She has been suffering from asthma for over 20 years. From 1969, her condition was further complicated with continual sneezing and sore throat. In spite of various treatment received over a long time, her condition was not alleviated and she was unable to work normally. After practicing for 2 months, she had no more asthma and hay fever. She slept well, felt calm and comfortable.

2: Cancer
Mr. Lin, 38, a cadre working for Commercial Department of Leyang, Henan Province. In June of 1980, he received radiotherapy for nostril cancer. He was pale and lean, with a headache and dizziness. His weight fell to 94 kilos, and his blood pressure lowered to 70/50 mm Hg. After practicing for 3 months, medical examination showed that his condition had become better and his blood pressure increased to 100/60 mmHg. His weight was increased to 105 kilos.

3: Coronary Heart Disease
Mr. Liu, 47, a cadre of a distillery in Wuhan. He had been suffering from arthritis and gastrolgia for over 20 years, and became apparently weaker over the past few years. His condition was further complicated with vertigo, nausea, palpitation, pericardial pain and insomnia. He was diagnosed to have coronary heart disease at early stage, hypertension, Duodenal ulcer, and heart muscle strain. After 25 days of practice, he could then sleep well and had a normal electrocardiogram upon return visits, with blood pressure at 110/70 mm Hg.

4: Diabetes & Obesity
Ms. Huang, 60, a lady from Hong Kong to visit her relatives in Guangzhou. For over 11 years, she had been suffering from asthenia in all limbs, loose bodily muscles, obesity, tire, and high urine sugar of 3+. She was diagnosed to have diabetes and obesity. After practicing for 2 months, her urine sugar content was found normal, and she could move her joints and muscles easily, feeling less pain in the heels. Her weight reduced from 142 kilos to 107 kilos, her muscles were firmer, and her spirit was renewed and health much improved.

5: Dizziness
Mr. Zheng. The Head Editor of Malayan International Newspaper. Mr. Zheng had been feeling dizzy and unable to see clearly for more than 10 years. So he had to take western medicine regularly to prevent from having a relapse. He was diagnosed to have meningitis. He started to practice on May 5th, 1981; on July 18th, he called and informed that the meningitis was cured.

6: Hepatitis B
Mr. Qian, an officer in Hubei Police Station. In December 1983, he felt tired all the time and pain in his liver. He is examined HBSAg positive, GPT75 and diagnosed to have hepatitis B. After practicing for 40 days, HBSAg was negative and his hepatitis was cured.

7: Hypertension
Ms. Chen, 44, a cadre of a battery parts factory in Guangzhou. For 9 years, she suffered from hypertension with blood pressure at 150-190/100-120 for a long time. She took Chinese and Western medicine continuously for remedy, but with no effect. After practicing for two months, her blood pressure became normal and stable at the 100/70 level. Finally, she was able to return working full-time.

8: Hypotension & High Cholesterol
Ms. Li, 50, an employee of Legal Department of Guangdong Province. Her blood pressure had been in the range of 80-90/50 mmHg for over 12 years. Sometimes her systolic pressure was even as low as 36 mm Hg, leaving her in an unconscious state. She was also troubled with blurring vision. Swelling and pains over the knees were also experienced. After practicing for 6 months, her blood pressure was increased to 110/80 mm Hg, while her cholesterol content was decreased to 170. She was then capable of bending and extending her legs with power. Her appetite and vision were also improved.

9: Insomnia
Ms. Sun, 47, a medical doctor of the People Hospital of Guangdong Province. She was unable to sleep well for six years with stomachaches and dyspepsia, so she had to take sleeping pills every night. She was diagnosed to have neurosis. After 14 days of practice, her condition was much improved. She could then sleep well without the help of the sleeping pills, with improvement in digestion and lessening of stomachaches.

10: Nephritis
Ms Wu, 53, a retired primary school teacher in Guangzhou. She has been suffering from chronic nephritis for over 25 years. Urine routine examinations always yield 2+ or 3+ for total protein. For the last 10 years, she was also troubled with hypertension (170-230/100-130 mm Hg) and insomnia. She always felt dizzy, was unable to work, and finally had to retire for recuperation. After 15 days of practice, her blood pressure is stabled within the range of 140-170/90-100 mm Hg. Urine routine data then switched to negative. And her nephritis was cured.

11: Premature Ageing
(symptom: growth of white hair) Mr. Feng, 25, a worker of a cement factory in Guangzhou. He had been suffering from vertigo for years, and looked like an old man because of his premature white hair. Treatments he received previously were useless. He was diagnosed to have Nephrasthenia and Premature Ageing. As Mr. Feng practiced for 3 months, his vertigo was much alleviated, with his hair generally turning black again.

12: Rheumatoid Arthritis
Mr. Wu, 29. He had been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis since 21, causing his spine to change shape. He took both Chinese and Western Medicine, but with no effect. He could not stand up after kneeling down. He felt pain in every part of the body. He could not go to work, and had to quit his job. He started practicing since January 1983. He felt better after one week of practice. When he was practicing, he was able to kneel down and spin, which he could not do normally. He continued practicing and taking medicine for 3 months. His illness was cured; he remains healthy until now.

13: Stroke
Mr. Pan, 63, an employer of a transportation company under The Materials Department of Guangdong province. He had been inflicted with stroke for 3 years due to cerebral thromiosis, was unable to lift his right arm, and had to dram his right leg as he hobbled along. After practicing for a month, a remarkable improvement was noted in the ability of his right limbs to move more easily, more at will, and with more power. As a result, he could then ride a bicycle to attend the training courses.

14: Tumor
Ms. Gui, 62, a retired worker in Guangzhou. She felt a mass of medium hardness as big as a thumb on the right side of the neck. She was diagnosed to have a tumor on the right side of her neck. After practicing for two months, the mass on the right side of her neck disappeared.

Mr. Tang twisted his waist at work. When he came to our center, he could not straighten his body. Steven used Qigong Therapy for 10 minutes; Mr. Tang felt no pain and could straighten up.

16: Effective within 1 treatment
Mrs. Lee comes to our centre when she does not feel well (i.e. catching a cold, suffering from insomnia due to time difference, having bad appetites, etc.). Dr. Liang gives her three bags of herbal tea every time. One day Mrs. Lee said after having taken one bag of herbal tea, she felt a lot better and the symptoms of illness disappeared. She asked whether she should continue taking the remaining two bags. Dr. Liang explained: " You feel much better after taking the first bag of herbal tea because that your body absorbs the tea very well and that the prescription of the tea is just right for you. In your case, one bag of herbal tea supports the healthy energy and eliminates the unhealthy energy in your body. It seems like the yin and yang (opposing forces) are balanced and your illness is cured. In fact, the healthy energy, however, is not strong enough and the unhealthy energy might come back again. Thus, the second and third bags of herbal tea are essential. They strengthen your body and increase your body's resistance to the unhealthy energy so that illnesses will never come and attack you again."

17: Menstrual Pain
Linda experienced pain during menstruation for almost two years. When she came to our centre, she could not go to work for three days already. However, after a five-day Acupuncture Therapy treatment, she started going to work again on the fourth day.

18: Infertility
Mrs. Sung could not get pregnant after 4 years of marriage. She had been taking Hormones and had a small operation at her Fallopian Tubes, but those were useless to make her pregnant. Dr. Liang performed 1 treatment of Acupuncture Therapy and gave her 15 bags of herbal tea. On the second month, she missed a period. She took a pregnency test, which reveals that she was pregnant. Now her daughter is 7 years old!

19: Insomnia
Mrs. Lu suffered from insomnia for ten years. She received a complete treatment of Acupuncture Therapy and could sleep well on the third day. After five days, she could sleep without taking any sleeping pills.

20: Osteophytes (bony spurs) at heel
Mr. Tse had Osteophytes at heel, and severe pain caused him unable to stand for too long. He tried 2 treatments of combined therapy (Acupuncture Therapy, Qigong Therapy, and Herbal Therapy) and no longer felt any pain.

21: Osteophytes (bony spurs) at Waist
Mrs. Mak had Osteophytes at 2 areas at the waist; she could not bend down and had severe pain at the waist and legs. After 2 treatments of combined therapy (Acupuncture Therapy, Qigong Therapy, and Herbal Therapy), she no longer felt any pain and could bend down.

22: Pain Caused by Rheumatism
Mrs. Mak experienced pain and numbness for 2 years. The situation worsened at night, and she could not even feel anything on her hands when the weather changed. She tried many different ways to heal the illness, but all were useless. In our center, combining the Acupuncture Therapy, Qigong Therapy, and Herbal Therapy, for only 1 treatment (10 days), the pain and the numbness in Mrs. Mak's hands disappeared.

23: Psoriasis
Mrs. Mak had Psoriasis on her arm for 5 years; she felt very itchy at night and could not sleep. She received 1 treatment of combined therapy (Acupuncture Therapy, Qigong Therapy, and Herbal Therapy). On the fifth day, the Psoriasis became thinner; it disappeared on the seventh day.

24: Sciatica
Mr. Wong could not work for 3 months because of the Sciatica. No therapy he tried was useful. He came to our center and tried the combined therapy (Acupuncture Therapy, Qigong Therapy, and Herbal Therapy). After 3 treatments, he was able to work again.

25: Shrinking Cerebellum
Mrs. Lee, from Taiwan, had been suffering from shrinking cerebellum for 3 years. She could only walk when someone held her arms and walked with her. She had to lean back against the chair otherwise she could fall. Dr. Liang let her sit on her wheelchair to practice, initiated her vital energy and broke through her nerve channels. She continued coming to Dr. Liang's clinic. At the third day, she walked by herself into the clinic. Her illness had become better within 2 days.

26: Somnolence
Mr. Leung had Somnolence; he felt extremely sleepy after meals and had to sleep for 1 to 2 hours, causing him unable to works for 6 months already. However, after 1 combined therapy (Acupuncture Therapy, Qigong Therapy, and Herbal Therapy) treatment, the symptoms disappeared, and he started working again.

27: Sprain at Ankle
Mr. Mak twisted his ankle at the foot. Supported by his daughter, Mr. Mak came to see Steven. Steven used Qigong Therapy at an acupuncture point on Mr. Mak's hand. For only 20 minutes, he not only could walk, but the pain disappeared. Mr. Mak was so amazed and said it was like a miracle. Steven explained: "That is not a miracle. It is just that you have very sensitive meridian (channels and their collaterals). And then since I picked the right acupuncture point, your meridian was broken through immediately; so your ankle no longer hurts!"

28: Tumor
Mrs. Poon from Taiwan was diagnosed to have ovarian tumor. She did not want to have operation. Dr. Liang applied and selected techniques from Qigong, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to help Mrs. Poon. After 2 months, her tumor disappeared, examined by both Vancouver and Taipei Hospitals.

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