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Health Tea
Dr. Liang has specially made health herbal teas designed for patients who are too busy to see a doctor. These health herbal teas are very effective and convenient. Please select one of the following 14 kinds of health tea for more details.

In addition, our clinics has many more health teas, for example, Tang Kuei & Ginseng Eight Combination, Tang Kuei Four Combination, Rou Gu Tea, Tea for Appetite (for children), Tea for Eyes, Black Plum Soup, Qing Bu Liang, Tea for Kidney, Octopus Herbal Soup, Five Flower Tea, etc.. Please phone or come to our Richmond clinic if you are interested in any of the health teas.

Tea for Cough $6.99 each
dry cough, chronic cough – there have been many successful cases which patients have been coughing for over 20 years and fully recovered after taking this tea.

Tea for Cold $5.49 each
cold, headache, sore throat, cough, running nose, stuffy nose, aches & pains.

Fat-Reduction Tea $4.99 each
possesses effects of reducing fat, free movement of bowels, dispelling fat deposit, stimulating appetite and relieving heumatic.

Tea for Hay Fever $5.49 each
hay fever, sneezing, running nose, itchy, water eyes

Hair-Care Soup $5.49 each
ideal for dull and dry hair, enriching liver and kidney, making hair healthier, good for white hair and losing of hair that caused by weakness, tiredness.

Tea for Asthma $7.99 each

Tea for Hypertension $5.99 each
Hypertension, dizziness and headache

Tea for Diabetes $4.99 each
diabetes, thirsty, eating a lot

Tea for Cholesterol $5.99 each
cholesterol, coronary heart disease and stroke, improving blood circulation.

Tea for Menstrual Pain $6.99
painful menstruation, cramps

Tea for Menopause Syndrome $6.99
headache, dizzy, swelling face, loin and heel pain, palpitation, insomnia, hectic fever and sweat, being anxious, depressed

and forgetful, increase in blood pressure.

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