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It usually takes a long time to learn Qigong because getting the Qi to open up the channels takes time. Dr. Liang is giving Qi to the student to open up the channels. That saves you a couple of years when comparing to getting the Qi on your own. The Qi was pushing the student to bend his waist, which he could not do normally. After two months of practicing Qigong and herbal therapy, this patient has lost at least 40 lbs
A patient had pain at his waist for a long time. Dr. Liang applied Qigong therapy on the pressure point on his hand for only a couple of minutes. He stood up and yelled "Unbelievable! Unbelievable!". The pain at his waist had disappeared completely. "It still takes at least half an hour for pain killers to work. Now I don't need to any, and the pain is gone in minutes," he said. Dr. Liang is applying Qigong therapy to the patients in White Rock.
Dr. Liang is checking the pulse for the patient. Dr. Liang is performing Acupuncture treatment to the patient.
In 1995, Dr. Liang is invited to Toronto to heal special patients. One of the patients and his relatives and friends hosted a Qigong class. Dr. Liang is giving Qi to the students. Taiwanese immigrant Mrs. Poon was diagnosed to have ovarian tumor. Dr. Liang applied Acupuncture and Qigong Combine Therapy to help Mrs. Poon. Her tumor disappeared after 2 months when examined by both Vancouver and Taipei Hospitals. Mrs. Poon was overjoyed and gave Dr. Liang a tablet, praising his talent in treating tumor, as a token of appreciation.
The French Canadian patient had severe pain at her waist because of multiple car accidents. She could not stand up straight, and pain at the waist bothered her a lot during sleeps. Dr. Liang applied Acupuncture, Herbal and Qigong combined therapies. After two courses of treatment, all of the symptoms were gone. The patient is practicing Qigong. The internal Qi is pushing her hands to rise slowly. This patient is having the Bear Movements, which strengthens the kidney channel. She had Nephritis, which Chinese Traditional Medicine thinks that is caused by weak kidneys. By practicing Qigong, the Bear Movements produces Qi for the kidney, clearing up the channels in the shoulder. The Nephritis that she was suffering for 3 years from was healed really quickly.
Suffering from Nephritis yet having no clue about acupuncture pressure points, this patient is pressing the acupuncture points on her shoulders when practicing Qigong.
Dr. Liang has numerous success cases and gains trusts from his patients. Patients praise Dr. Liang's talent in treating illnesses and gave him two inscribed boards as a token of appreciation
In 1991, Dr. Liang is teaching a Qigong class in Vancouver. He is giving Qi to the students In 1987, Dr. Liang is having a Qigong class in Sydney, Australia.
In 1987, Dr. Liang is teaching the Spontaneous Five Animal Movement (SFAM) Qigong to students in Australia. In 1987, Dr. Liang is having a Qigong class in Sydney, Australia
In 1985, Dr. Liang is teaching Qigong in Hong Kong. He is explaining the concept and showing the Qigong video
In 1983, the Nan Hua Travel agency in Hong Kong had a one day Qigong tour to ShenZhen, China. Dr. Liang taught a two-hour Qigong class. The students are practicing Qigong.
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