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    Qigong originates in China and has been practiced as a health enhancement exercise for many generations. It has prominent effects in healing and preventing illnesses as well as longevity. According to the basic rule of traditional Chinese medicine, the most important rule of preserving good health is to achieve harmony between the "yin" and "yang" within the human bodies and in the nature. The human mind (the same Chinese word as "heart") is the centre of a person. Being the root of life and the origin of spiritual activities it regulates all functions of the human body. The Emperor Huang's Canon of Internal Medicine, the first important medical doctrine in Chinese traditional medicine published circa 2000 BC points out: "The mind is the king organ. It is where the power of spirit originates… If the king organ is clear, then all functions it governs will be in order. Following this as the principle for maintaining good health, one can live a long life and can survive fatal environmental crisis. If the king organ is not clear, then twelve organs will be in danger." According to ancient Chinese medical theories, being calm and free of worries and anxieties is the best way to regulate the mind. A well-regulated mind will result in good health and longevity. In addition, pains and illnesses are often results of unbalanced 'yin' and 'yang', clogging acupuncture channels, causing blood and the vital energy – "qi" not being able to flow smoothly. Practicing Qigong finely achieves harmony between "yin" and "yang" and consequently facilitates blood and "qi" flowing smoothly through all acupuncture channels. Thus, pain and illness could be eased and eventually healed.
    Dr. Steven Liang of Chinese Unique Therapy Clinic is a famous Qigong master from China. He is also an expert in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Liang teaches Spontaneous Five Animal Movement (SFAM) Qigong. SFAM Qigong was originated by Dr. Liang's elder brother Shi Feng Liang as a result of his extensive and intensive experience and knowledge in Qigong practices and martial art education. SFAM Qigong is easy to learn and requires no memorization on procedural movements as they are derived by "qi". During the exercise, vital energy within the body will be mobilized, which then charges at and through all joints, tissues, arteries, veins and all internal organs, resulting in various automatic external movements such as self-striking and patting, self-massage and self-finger-acupuncture. These movements reinforce the circulation of internal "qi", acting on all sites of illnesses and the related acupuncture channels and acupuncture points. These self-regulating external and internal movements achieve healing effects similar to that of acupuncture techniques. The external movements of the body and internal movements of "qi" activate the "qi" mechanism of five major internal organs, thus inducing the corresponding five automatic animal-like movements – Bird Movements to the heart, Tiger Movements to the lung, Ape Movements to the spleen, Bear Movements to the kidney, and Deer Movements to the liver. Through these movements, the mechanism of all internal organs and the balance between "yin" and "yang" within the human body are finely regulated.
    From the modern medicine point of view, the circulation of "qi" resulted from the exercise is in fact the circulation of bio-electricity within the human body through various acupuncture channels. The healing effect of such bio-electricity may be regarded as a kind of auto-bio-electrotherapy. Its function is to clear up and activate all acupuncture channels, regulate the balance between "qi" and blood, attack and eliminate the sites of illnesses. Furthermore, the automatic movements strengthen the bones, stimulate the energy and blood to achieve an overall balance and a state of activeness of the nervous system. They further regulate the activities of the body fluids and the micro-structure of the body and enhance the self-healing ability of human bodies to counter-attack illnesses. In short, the practice of SFAM Qigong agrees with the modern scientific view that life relies on exercises.
    During the SFAM Qigong practice, people would adopt the posture and movements of any of the five animals such as the Tiger, Bear, Deer, Bird and Ape. They would often be surprised by self-striking and patting, self-massage and self-finger-acupuncture on acupuncture points even they had no knowledge on standard acupuncture meridians and points. Sometimes, there would be no external movements at all, but they could feel hot, cold, numbness, swelling, or pain due to internal movements which involved the "qi" striking various parts of the body. Patients can also choose not to learn the SFAM Qigong, but receives "qi" from Dr. Liang to invoke external and internal movements, regulating the flow of "qi" and blood in acupuncture channels.
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